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Vivian Bloom, Mayor

In 1980 I ran for Council in Bangor, Wicklow & McClure, topping the polls to become the first female Councillor. I was acclaimed my second term for a total of five years.  As I looked at my coming retirement, I felt it was time again to run for Council, and I thank the people for electing me as their Deputy Mayor in 2010. With a vacancy occuring, I was appointed Mayor by Council in 2012. Now in 2014, I have nine years of municipal experience, and a new mandate as your Mayor for the next four years. I look forward to a time of growth, new visions for Hastings Highlands which do include better citizen collaboration and lines of communication. We face tough fiscal times ahead and I promise to work well with Council and our ratepayers and to do our best to keep service standards high, while moving Hastings Highlands forward as the leading municipality it has come to be known for. I was born in Niagara Falls, Ontario and moved to the Maynooth area when I was ten. I attended Public Schools in Lake St Peter and Maynooth and completed High School in Bancroft. After high school, I worked at King & Yonge in Toronto for a year, then returned home and married my husband of 44 years, Donald. We were both fortunate to find work here and raise our two daughters in Maynooth. After working in Scotiabank, I joined Canada Post in August 1975, became Postmaster on April 1, 1985, and retired on July 12, 2011 after almost 36 years. As the Post Office was in my parents home at one time, I was actually sworn in to work for Canada Post over 44 years! I have been a lifelong community volunteer, I believe in “giving back” to the area where I have been so fortunate to live and belong with the best lifestyle... Hastings Highlands.

Mayor Vivian Bloom



Gregg Roberts, Deputy Mayor

Hello, my name is Gregg Roberts.  I was first elected to Council in 1997 as one of your representatives of the Township of Herschel.  In the year 2000, Herschel, Monteagle, Bangor, Wicklow and McClure Townships were amalgamated into the Municipality of Hastings Highlands.  At that time, we adopted the ward system, with Herschel being Ward 2.

On April 18th, 2012, I was appointed as Deputy Mayor by Council, due to the resignation of a Council Member.

My wife Petra and I have been married for more than 30 years now and we have one daughter, Lindsey.  As your Council representative, I have always taken an active role in seeking ways to improve on all facets of our community; be it with the roads, waste management, supporting our local businesses and also to protecting our environmental assets.

I am committed to a progressive municipality, and I do listen to your concerns.  My involvement in the community reaches beyond Council;  past member as a volunteer fire fighter; auxilary OPP member for nine years; a member of the Bancroft and Area Community Policing Advisory Committee and also a member of the Baptiste Lake Association.

If you would like to contact me, I can be reached at 613-332-8362 or by email at

Nancy Matheson, Councillor Herschel Ward

After a 2 year appointment, this is my first full 4 year term as an elected member of Hastings Highlands Council.  I was raised in Toronto and attended Humber College, where I received my Business Management Diploma.

Following school, I worked for the federal government in various departments, including Citizenship Registration, Immigration and Canada Post.  We moved to Bird’s Creek in 1995 as owner/operators of Matheson’s Country Store for a period of 12 years.  Currently, I am employed as Activation Coordinator at the Riverstone Residence.

My husband Jack and I have been married over 35 years, and have 2 children, Ashley who currently resides in Peterborough with her husband Andrew, and Wayne who also lives in Peterborough with partner Shalin, and our 3 grandchildren.

I am currently the council representative for the Maynooth and Hastings Highlands Business Association Committee, member of Committee of Adjustment, and Grant Committee.  In the past, I have served as board member/fundraiser for the Bancroft Skating Club, Transition House (women’s shelter) and HART.

I enjoy working together with the ratepayers and Council, of Hastings Highlands, addressing your concerns, and moving our municipality forward in a responsible manner.


Alex Walder, Councillor, Monteagle Ward 

My wife Linda and I were visitors to the Maynooth area since 1973, some 25 years prior to 1998 when we purchased our property which the family has named “Walders’ Woods”. Since then and over the subsequent 8 years, we designed and built our dream house with the help of local trades people and suppliers. In the spring of 2006, two weeks after my last day as Principal in a Scarborough High School, we moved to our new home in the beautiful hills of Monteagle.

Linda and I have been married for 47 years. We have 2 children and four grandchildren. Our son has made a wonderful life for him and his wife and 2 children on their own land near us.  Our daughter, a successful small business owner, lives in the GTA with our two other grandchildren.

I was born in Hungary, arrived in Canada at the age of 11, unable to speak a word of English. But I learned quickly. The most important thing I learned was “how to learn”. Learning is an activity that I have done all my life and God willing, will continue to do. I have not abandoned my roots, I am fully bilingual (English and Hungarian). I read, write in both and translate from one to the other mainly so that my children and grandchildren will know and appreciate my side of their heritage.

My professional career as Teacher, Math & Sci. Dept. Head, York University Adjunct Professor and Principal spanned more than 40 years. In addition to that “day job”, for more than 20 years, I was the Chairman, Treasurer and a Director of corporations with budgets, balance sheets and total worth into seven figures. I quickly learned and became and very good at working with staff and at understanding corporate budgeting, financial reports and documents.

I am a team player, a team builder and one who on occasions has had opportunities to be a team leader. My academic qualifications, my wide ranging professional career, my varied personal interests and my continued desire to listen and learn are the pillars of my information based decision making style. I have been a truck driver, an educator, a corporate director, president and treasurer. I have pursued interests in mechanics, building, cooking/baking, history, writing/translating, community activism. I am a loyal and trusted friend and colleague and when occasion calls, a passionate formidable adversary. But I am most happy being a husband, father and grandfather.   

I enjoy face-to-face contact and maintain accessibility by phone and on line. 

Call me at home: 613 338 0028 or at the office: 613 338 2811

Send me an e-mail message to:

Visit my web site for details on my Council involvements:

Follow me on Twitter: @alexwalder62 and Facebook: Alex Walder for brief updates.

Councillor Walder

Frank Hickey, Councillor Bangor, Wicklow, McClure Ward

Frank Hickey was born in Hastings Highlands.


-8 years public school in Maynooth
-5 years high school in Bancroft
-Honours in the Business Administration Degree at University of Windsor
-Chartered Financial Services Degree

Work History
-Highway Construction Inspector for the Ministry of Transportation
-Geology and Soils Inspector with Ontario Hydro
-Financial Services for 35 years

Volunteer Services
-Board of Director of the Chamber of Commerce in Bancroft
-Past Director of Community Care North Hastings
-Past President of Mink Lake Cottager's Association
-Continues to serve with the Breakfast Club at Maynooth Public School and has for the past 6 years
-In the past 5 years has raised over $12,000.00 for the Alzheimer Society
-Supporter of the Maynooth Food Bank

phone: 613 338-5531

Hald Robinson, Councillor Monteagle Ward

As we enter this  new term on council I wish to thank the people who gave me this opportunity to continue to serve on council for the next four years. My first term was a learning experience that I enjoyed very much and helped accomplish many things over the term. I feel more at ease this term and am ready and willing to continue to help make the municipality a better place to live and work.
I continue to work and live in Monteagle where I have owned and operated my business for 49 years. I operate under Hald W. Robinson Haulage Ltd. doing road construction, logging, sawmill and farming. Experience from my business gives me knowledge to help in the working of the municipality.
I am married to Wilma for 43 years and have two married sons, Bryce and Elton, who both work in the family business and live in Monteagle. We have been blessed with one grandson, Kiptyn, who will be 5 in January.
I served on the Loggers Games Committee for 23 years. I'm a member of Bancroft Minden Forest Company. During my first four years on council I served on the arena board, waste management and septage committees. I will continue to serve on committees that I will be appointed to.
I am open to any suggestions or concerns from the rate payers and will do my best to help in any way I can and bring your concerns to the council as a whole. I like personal contact with people and can be reached in the evening at 613-332-1273 or my email at

Councillor Robinson

Tracy Hagar, Councillor Bangor, Wicklow, McClure Ward

I was born and raised in Fonthill, a small town in Southern Ontario.  I met my husband when we were both 19 years old and just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.  We have 4 children, 2 girls, Nikki and Rikki-anne, 2 boys, Frank and Jesse, we also have 2 grand kids, Isaiah and Alanah, we are very proud of them all.  Frank and I moved here 20 years ago, we had never been here before, but knew when we entered Maynooth that it was going to be our home and where we were going to raise our children.  We both love the outdoors and enjoy fishing and 4-wheeling whenever we get the time.  I also take advantage of walking most mornings and can often be seen strolling through Maynooth before I get myself ready for work.  I immediately got involved with volunteering in the area as soon as we moved here, and also started working locally giving me the pleasure to get to know a lot of people.  Having worked in the community for all these years I feel I have had great opportunity to chat with most people from our area and hear their concerns.  4 years ago with the support of my husband and kids I decided to open my own business, Foxfire, a gallery, gift and antique store in Maynooth.  This gives me the opportunity to meet new folks that come to our area to live and the chance to get to know them.  I am currently involved in several local organizations, ladies auxiliary at the Army Navy and Air Force, Maynooth and Area Food Bank, Maynooth and Area Business Association, the Maynooth Madness Committee and the Maynooth Mud Dawgs Committee.  The last 2 of these bring great entertainment to our town on labour day weekend annually.  

I am certain with all this experience I will bring a unique new progressive voice to council and I look forward to having the opportunity to work together with the ratepayers of Hastings Highlands and Council to make our Municipality the place to live, work and play.

I can be reached any time at Foxfire (613) 338-3338 or  (613) 334-7421 cell or email me at

thank you for electing me to Council.