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Election Signs FAQ's

Here is a link to the Ministry of Transportation Corridor Signing Policy for Temporary Signs


Q. When can a candidate begin to install election signs?

A. No election sign shall be installed until the candidate is officially registered in the election.
The municipality requires that registered candidates and third party advertisers submit a refundable deposit of $75.00 and school trustee candidates submit a deposit of $50.00 which can be used by the municipality to remove signs if the candidate does not do so by October 25th, 2018. 

Q. Where can election signs be placed?

A. Election signs are only permitted on private property.
Please click on the Election Sign Bylaw at the bottom of this page in the Documents section.

Q. Who deals with questions and complaints about election signs?

A. Questions and complaints about election signs should be directed to the Bylaw Enforcement Officer at 613-338-2811 ext. 235 or

Q. Who will remove the signs put up in violation of the bylaw and will I be contacted first?

A. Where a person or third party advertiser has affixed, erected or otherwise displayed or caused or permitted to be affixed erected or otherwise displayed a sign contrary to this bylaw, a Bylaw Enforcement Officer may:
a) cause the sign to be removed immediately without notice; or
b) make an order directing the person, candidate or third party advertiser:

i. to affix erect or otherwise display the sign in accordance with the requirements of this bylaw; or
ii. to remove the sign within seventy-two (72) hours of the date of the Order;

An Order made by a Bylaw Enforcement Officer may be delivered personally by email or by sending it by pre-paid ordinary mail to the person or third party advertiser.

Q. Where does a candidate pick up election signs that have been removed by the Municipality?

A. Signs that have been removed pursuant to this bylaw shall be stored by the Municipality for a minimum of thirty (30) days during which time the person, or candidate’s agent or third party advertiser may retrieve the signs by providing the Municipality with a signed acknowledgement and release in a form acceptable to the Municipality;

Any sign that has been removed by the Municipality and stored for more than thirty (30) days may be destroyed or otherwise disposed of by the Municipality without notice and without compensation to the person, candidate or third party advertiser;

The Municipality shall not be required to store signs made entirely of paper or other lightweight material and may destroy these signs immediately upon removal.

Q. After Voting Day, when do Election signs have to be removed?

A. All election signs shall be removed within 48 hrs after immediately following 11:59 p.m. of Election Day. (Therefore to be removed by October 24 at 11:59 p.m.)

Q. When can I pick up my deposit for elections signs?

A. Subject to any deductions made under Schedule A of this bylaw a candidate or third party advertiser is entitled to have their election sign deposit refunded no later than 90 days after Election Day; 

The information contained in this document is pursuant to the Municipality of Hastings Highlands Bylaw #2017-103 Regulation of Election Signs

For additional information not contained in this fact sheet, please refer to the Regulation of Election Sign Bylaw attached as a document at the bottom of this page.