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The Open Air Burning Bylaw governs open burning in the Municipality of Hastings Highlands and closely parallels the Forest Fire Prevention Act.

Link to open burning bylaw:  Open Air Burning Bylaw 2017-030


Open Burning Guidelines (from the above Bylaw)



3.1 No person shall ignite an open fire, from between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., during the period from April 1 to October 31, which is the Fire Season.  Exceptions include:  a small campfire for cooking and warmth, maple syrup operations and farm meat processing and preparation.

3.2 A person capable of containing or extinguishing   a fire may burn; piled wood, brush, or discarded wood by-products provided:

(a)  The fire is ignited at 7:00 p.m. or later and is extinguished at 7:00 a.m. or earlier;

(b) The fire is tended by a person capable of extinguishing the fire until the fire is out;

(c)  The pile is less than 2 meters in height and less than 2 meters in diameter;

(d)  The fire is at least 5 meters from any combustible materials;

(e)  The person capable of extinguishing   the fire has adequate tools and water and human resources to contain the fire.

3 .3  A person capable of containing or extinguishing   a fire may burn grass and leaves provided:

(a) The fire is tended by a person capable of extinguishing the fire until it is out;

b} The area to be burned  is less than 1 hectare;

(c)  The length of burning edge is less than 10 meters;

(d)  The fire is ignited at 7:00 p.m. or later, and is extinguished by 7:00 a.m. or earlier;

(e)  The person capable of extinguishing the fire has adequate tools, human resources and water to contain the fire.

3.4 Notwithstanding 3.2 and 3.3 above, no person shall set out an open fire during a restricted fire zone or a municipal fire ban.

3.5 Notwithstanding 3.2 and 3.3 above, no person shall continue to burn when wind conditions or other factors cause any or all of the following:

(a)  a decrease in visibility  on any highway  or roadway;

(b)  a rapid  spread  of fire through  grass  or brush areas;

(c)  an adverse effect on neighbouring   lands or persons.

3.6 Any person setting out an open fire is responsible for the care and control and containment   of the said fire until it is completely extinguished.    Persons  setting  out any fire within  the Municipality  of Hastings Highlands  shall ensure that they can, if needed, summon  assistance  from the Municipality of Hastings  Highlands  Fire Department without  delay and that adequate  means  of extinguishing  the fire are available  at the site at all times  during the fire and, in particular,  that the firefighting  materials  shall be available where prescribed  at all times during  the fire.

3. 7 any fire out of control shall be reported to the fire department by calling 911.  A person who sets out an open fire and loses control of the said fire is required by this by-law to report the fire and loss of control to the fire department immediately by calling 911.

3.8 The Chief Fire Official  is authorized  to order any person to extinguish  any fire or to cause such a fire to be extinguished  when there is a breach  of any provisions  of this by-law,  or, where  in the opinion  of the Chief Fire Official,  there is a danger of such fire spreading  or causing  the spread of fire or otherwise  endangering  life or property,  and the person  shall comply  with  any such order.

3 .9 A person  setting out a fire contrary  to the provisions  of this bylaw shall immediately extinguish  such fire and a person  setting out a fire which  they may be unable  to prevent from spreading  shall immediately  extinguish  such fire, and in default  of doing so, this municipality   may do so at that person's expense  and this municipality  may recover  the expense  in doing so by action,  or the same  may be recovered  in like manner  as municipal taxes.

3.10 Notwithstanding any other Section of this Bylaw, the Fire Chief or Deputy Fire Chief or designate may authorize a controlled burn of brush piles at a Municipal Landfill Site provided that, in their judgment, (1) weather conditions are favorable to open air burning, (2) there are competent Municipal employee(s) on had to perform the controlled burn, (3) that the perimeter of the area to be burned has been cleared of flammable material.


4.1 The installation, use and maintenance of incinerators for the burning of wood like materials, paper and other Class "A" materials within the Municipality of Hastings Highlands will only be pursuant to the following criteria:

(a) Incineration must be undertaken through the use of an enclosed device and;

(b) Incinerators must be located at least 5 meters from any forest or any building and;

(c) Incinerators must be located at least 2 meters from any combustible material and;

(d) Incinerators must be covered by mesh less than 5 millimeters in size and;

(e) Incinerators are subject to all the provisions of Part 3 - Open Air Burning and:

(f)  Incinerators shall not be used during a municipal fire ban.

4.2 No person shall have an open fire in an incinerator / burn barrel in any built up area.


Fire Department Operations

The fire service in Hastings Highlands are provided by seventy five (75) volunteer firefighters who are managed by a full-time Fire Chief and Fire Admin Coordinator.

The Municipality operates six (6) fire stations locations are as follow:

Station 1-Herschel South Fire Hall - 573 South Baptiste Lake Road

Station 2-Herschel North Fire Hall - 9 Paradise Landing Road

Station 3-Monteagle Fire Hall - 3205 Musclow-Greenview Road

Station 4-Maynooth Fire Hall - 41 Old Hastings Road

Station 5-Lake St Peter Fire Hall - 2356 Hwy 127

Station 6-Bangor Fire Hall - 785 Centreview Road


For emergency Fire Calls, the number is always 911


Danny Koroscil - Fire Chief
Phone: (613) 334-1325




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