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Internet & Telephone Voting for the 2018 Election

The Municipality of Hastings Highlands Council has approved Internet & Telephone Voting for the 2018 Election

Municipality of Hastings Highlands eligible electors will have the choice of voting by Internet or Telephone for the 2018 Municipal and School Board Election. This will be the first election for Hastings Highlands using Internet and Telephone voting options.
Internet/Telephone voting provides convenience, accommodates changing lifestyles, demanding work schedules; enhances accessibility for students studying away from home, those travelling, shift workers, in firmed persons and persons with language barriers. In terms of persons with disabilities, it provides greater dignity and privacy for electors.
It enables secure voting over an extended period, from any location. This form of voting also engages a wider range of age demographics, provides greater accuracy and fast results, is convenient for non-residents, and has the potential for increased voter turnout.

The ability to vote would be opened as many as 10 days to two weeks before election day and residents would be provided with assistance in voting if needed by visiting the Municipal Office where an iPad kiosk for voting will be available to the public.

A bylaw was passed at the April 19th meeting of Council.

Council has not yet approved the supplier for voting services for the 2018 election, research is underway.

Election Day is October 22nd, 2018

Please contact: Deputy Clerk Suzanne Huschilt for further information.