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Artists and art lovers who visit Hastings Highlands have come to know the area as an enclave for vibrant cultural expression among the hills and trees. With Maynooth’s history of hosting Group of Seven painters and inspiring artists such as David Milne and Tom Thomson, contemporary local artists and arts audiences still attach great importance to the expression of our connection to nature, innovation, and sensuality through painting and other art forms.

Arts Routes and Studio Tours

Ontario’s Highlands are home to many talented and innovative artists. When the leaves start to turn, head to the hills and explore the studios of local artists and artisans showing their work. Studio Tours in Bancroft/Hastings Highlands and in the Madawaska Valley include painters, stained glass artists, potters, jewelers, sculptors, textile artists, chocolatiers, and more.


Area Galleries


Organizations and Clubs




Art Supplies


Retreats, Residencies, and Studios for Artists’