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Waste Site Tipping Fee Increase – Effective October 12, 2021

September 9, 2021

Effective October 12, 2021 – Hastings Highlands will be increasing a few of our Waste Site Tipping Fees.

Old Fee(s) New Fee(s)
– October 12, 2021
NEW – Surcharge Applied to Improperly Sorted Bulk Waste and Construction and Demolition Material*
Pickup Truck or TrailerN/A$30.00
Any Commercial Vehicle N/A$500.00
Styrofoam Disposal
27 cubic feet (3ft. x 3ft.) bag or under$5.00$10.00
Over 27 cubic feet (3ft. x 3ft.) bag $30.00 $5.00$30.00
Mattress and Box Spring Disposal
Twin/Single/Double (each)$10.00 $20.00
Queen/King (each) $10.00 $30.00
*Effective October 12, 2021 – Commercial Bulk Waste will ONLY be accepted at the East Lake Waste Disposal Site which is located at 59 North Cardwell Lake Rd., Maynooth, ON

Why are we increasing our Waste Site Tipping Fees?

The Municipality of Hastings Highlands Generated Nearly 4,000 Tonnes of Waste in 2020

This included…

  • 90,000 bags of Domestic Waste (1,400 Tonnes)
  • 17,000 bags of Commercial Waste (260 Tonnes)
  • 1,800 Tonnes of Construction and Demolotion Waste
  • 366 Tonnes of Leaf and Yard WasteEncourage Waste DiversionA ‘cost recovery’ fee strategy for disposing of certain bulk waste items encourages everyone to ‘Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair and Let Rot’ with hopes that we can keep unnecessary waste out of our landfills.Capacity Limits at our Waste Disposal SitesOf the Nine (9) Municipal Waste Disposal Sites…
  • Two (2) transfer stations have reached capacity limits (North Baptiste and Sandbay)
  • Three (3) Waste Dispsoal Sites are nearing capacity limits within the next 20 years
  • Four (4) Waste Disposal Sites are nearing capacity limits within the next 50 years

Fiscal Responsibility

By implementing a ‘cost recovery’ fee strategy to fund the removal of certain bulk waste items, we are providing an equitable approach to funding the costs associated with bulk waste removal in the Municipality.

Hastings Highlands Committment to being Leaders in Waste Management

– Hastings Highlands 2019-2023 Strategic Plan

Download a copy of the Municipality’s 2021 Waste Tipping Fees (Schedule ā€˜Cā€™ to User Fee Bylaw 2021-001)