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NEW – 2022 Ministry Guides for Voters, Candidates and Third Party Advertisers

April 6, 2022

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housings has published their guides for candidates, voters and third-party advertisers to provide information about municipal and school board elections. The guides outline rules as described in the Municipal Elections Act and other legislation and regulations.The three guides for candidates, voters and third party advertisers are now available online at and in French at

2022 Voters’ Guide

Find out if you are eligible to vote, how to vote and how you can support candidates by visiting our ‘Voter Information page.

2022 Candidates’ Guide

Find out how to run as a candidate by visiting our ‘Candidate Information‘ page.

2022 Third Party Advertisers’ Guide

To find out how to register as a third party advertiser and the rules you must follow under the Municipal Elections Act by visiting our ‘Legislation and Third Party Advertising‘ page.

You can find all of this information and more by visiting our ‘2022 Municipal & School Board Election’ page.