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Media Release: Strategic Plan Survey

September 29, 2023



     Community Engagement Survey to Update Strategic Plan

Maynooth, ON – Hastings Highlands is seeking the public’s input on ideas and priorities that will contribute to updating its Strategic Plan.

Individuals who access the Hastings Highlands services are encouraged to complete the Strategic Plan Survey by Friday, October 20, 2023. Responses are anonymous and will be used only to support strategic planning. The input received will be incorporated into the decision-making process so that Council and staff can set a direction for Hastings Highlands future that reflects the community’s desires. 

Gathering input from individuals who live, work and use services in Hastings Highlands is crucial to understanding the community’s needs and to set and track realistic objectives and goals. This plan will be used by Council and staff to develop detailed annual plans, inform budgets, and direct resources where they are most needed” said Mayor Tony Fitzgerald. “I encourage everyone across the Municipality to complete the survey so we can chart our path forward and ensure that Hastings Highlands remains a place where people call home.”

Click here to complete the survey.

Note – Hard copies of the survey are available throughout various locations in the Municipality including the main Municipal Office (33011 Hwy 62 Maynooth).

– Tony Fitzgerald, Mayor of Hastings Highlands

For more information contact:

David Stewart                                                  
Chief Administrative Officer                           
Municipality of Hastings Highlands            
[email protected]