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Facilities & Rentals

The Municipality of Hastings Highlands has several options when it comes to facility rentals. Our venues are ideal for meetings, events, tournaments, and community functions.

Hastings Highlands Centre – Emond Hall
33011 Hwy 62, Maynooth, ON

Our main venue is the Hastings Highlands Centre named Emond Hall for former Mayor Ron Emond. This spot has been used to host to weddings, school functions and sporting events and is located at 33011 Highway 62N in Maynooth.

Lake St. Peter Community Centre
5 Boulter Lake Road, Lake St. Peter

The quaint Lake St. Peter Community Centre is a smaller venues which is nestled between the two popular lakeside communities of Lake St. Peter and Mink Lake. It is located at 5 Boulter Lake Road in Lake St. Peter.

Herschel Community Centre
168 South Baptiste Lake Road, Bird’s Creek

The Herschel Community Centre is located at 168 South Baptiste Lake Road in Birds Creek adjacent to the baseball diamonds and outdoor rink and is quite popular for birthday parties and community groups.

To learn more about renting one of our three municipal facilities, please contact our Community Services Coordinator at 613-338-2811 ext 200 or by email, [email protected]

Facility Agreements and Insurance Requirements

Insurance Requirements

Hastings Highlands utilizes a Facility Use Agreement that requires users to provide evidence of $2 million dollars in General Liability that includes the Municipality as an additionally insured.  ‘Un-organized’ users may apply for coverage through the municipal insurer if they qualify and use the Facility User Group fees schedule as amended from time to time.