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Have Your Say Hastings Highlands!

Welcome to Have Your Say Hastings Highlands, the Municipality’s online community engagement site. Share your ideas to help shape municipal decisions on projects, policies and initiatives that are important to you. We invite you to visit this site regularly to learn more about our current engagement activities and how you can participate. The projects below are currently open for your input. Take a few moments to join the conversations. Have your say, Hastings Highlands!

At this time there are no projects or engagement activites requesting participation or input via the ‘Have Your Say Hastings Highlands’ portal.

Hastings Highlands still has a number of ways for the public to continue to share their comments/feedback on important municipal decisions, policies and intiatives. For a list of the informal and formal channels available visit:

Please Note: Input and feedback submitted through the ‘Have Your Say Hastings Highlands’ forum may become part of the public record and may be made available through the Council Agenda process which includes publication on the municipality‚Äôs meetings portal. The Municipality of Hastings Highlands is subject to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA). All comments and communications directed to the Municipality are subject to MFIPPA and may be deemed releasable under this legislation.