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Important Amendments in Draft Bylaw 2022-004 (General Provisions)

Below is a list of proposed amendments in Bylaw 2021-004 to conform with the Official Plan that highlights some important amendments to Bylaw 2004-035 Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw:

  • Accessible Parking: Adding a definition and zoning provisions for accessible parking.
  • Additional dwelling units: Amending the number of dwelling units permitted in certain residential zones by increasing the number of dwelling units that may be permitted from two (2) to three (3).
  • Arts and crafts shop: Adding arts and crafts shop as a home occupation use.
  • “At-capacity” cold water lake trout lake: Amending the portions of Kamaniskeg Lake and Baptiste Lake that are classified as “at-capacity” and removing Papineau Lake as an “at-capacity” cold water lake trout lake.
  • Bed and breakfast establishment: Amending the number of guest rooms for a bed and breakfast establishment from four (4) guest rooms to three (3) guest rooms.
  • Cannabis: Adding and amending definitions related to cannabis and adding general zoning provisions to regulate cannabis production and processing facilities.
  • Environmental Protection (EP) and Environmental Protection Wetland (EPW): Amending the general and zoning provisions to restrict new buildings and developments in these two zones.
  • Group home: Amending the current definition of group home and permitting group homes in all residential zones on public roads.
  • Home industries: Home industries will be prohibited from properties on the waterfront.
  • Hunt camp: The minimum lot area for hunt camps will increase from 4 hectares (10 acres) to 20 hectares (50 acres).
  • Minimum lot area for waterfront zones: The minimum lot area in the Waterfront Residential (WR) Zone and for waterfront properties in the Limited Service Residential (LSR) will increase from 0.4 hectare (1 acre) to 0.8 hectare (2 acres).

Documents and Further Reading:

Here is a copy of Draft Bylaw 2022-004 presented at the December 1st Council Meeting:

2022-004 Zoning Bylaw Amendment to conform with the Official Plan

Here is a copy of the Report presented to Council for the Draft Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw:

Report for Draft Bylaw 2022-004 (General Provisions) presented at the December 1st Council Meeting

Here is a copy of a Draft Consolidated version of the Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw that shows the proposed amendments in the Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw:

Draft Consolidated Bylaw 2004-035 Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw (with Bylaws 2022-004 and 2022-005)

A copy of the Official Plan can be found here: