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Bylaw Directory

Listed below (in alphabetical order) are the most frequently requested bylaws. If you’re unable to find what you’re looking for, or require a copy in an alternate format please contact us at:

Municipality of Hastings Highlands
33011 Hwy 62 N, Box 130
Maynooth, ON, K0L 2S0
PH: 613-338-2811 ext. 211

For more information on how Bylaws are enforced in Hastings Highlands, view our Bylaw Enforcement page.

Accessibility Bylaws

2018-2022 Multi-Year Accesssibility Policy – Bylaw 2018-085
2019 Annual Accessibility Status Report

Administrative Bylaws

Administrative Monetary Penalty System – Bylaw 2020-016
Business Licensing Bylaw 2002-010
Code of Conduct for Council and Boards – Bylaw 2019-007
Code of Conduct Staff Bylaw 2019-008
Cooling Centre Policy – Bylaw 2018-098
Corporate Expense Policy – Bylaw 2018-075
Corporate Personal Use of Social Media – Bylaw 2018-024
Council Staff Relations Policy – Bylaw 2019-020
Flag Policy – Bylaw 2018-066
Sign Bylaw 2020-019
User Fees Bylaw 2021-001

Building, Planning and Property Standards Bylaws

Antenna Siting Protocol – Bylaw 2017-022
Line Fences Bylaw 2016-057
Property Standards Bylaw 2018-086
Sale of Surplus Land Bylaw 2020-060
Tree Canopy Policy – Bylaw 2019-024

Canine Control Bylaws

Kennel Bylaw 2004-0066
Regulating the Keeping of Dogs – Bylaw 2019-098

Emergency Planning

Emergency Management Program – Bylaw 2019-092

Finance – Tax Billing & Collection Bylaws

Tax Billing Collection Policy – Bylaw 2018-061

Fire Service and Management Bylaws

Establishing and Regulating a Fire Department – Bylaw 2011-059
Fire Marque Bylaw 2020-027
Fire Service User Fees – Bylaw 2017-010
Open Air Fire Bylaw 2020-047

Noise and the Use of Fireworks Bylaws

Bylaw to Prohibit and Regulate Noise and the Use of Fireworks – Bylaw 2020-062

Roads and Parking Bylaws

Establish a Reduced Load Restriction Period on Municipal Roads – Bylaw 2020-030
Level of Service Bylaw 2020-069
Regulating the Traffic and Parking/Stopping of Vehicles in the Municipality of Hastings Highlands – Bylaw 2020-009

Waste Management Bylaws

Clear Bag Disposal Policy – Bylaw 2018-060
Clean Municipality Bylaw – Bylaw 2018-074

Zoning Bylaws

Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw 2004-035