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Public Registry

Council Members who declare Pecuniary Interest

Public Registry for Council Members who have declared Pecuniary Interest

A new section 5.1 of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act requires a member to file a written statement after the member discloses a pecuniary interest under section 5. A new section 5.2 of the Act prohibits a member from influencing certain decisions or recommendations where the member has a pecuniary interest in the matter being considered.

New section 6.1 of the Act requires municipalities and local boards to establish and maintain registries that keep copies of statements filed under section 5.1 and of declarations recorded under section 6.

Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. M.50

Record of Disclosure

Disclosure to be recorded in minutes

(1) Every declaration of interest and the general nature thereof made under section 5 shall, where the meeting is open to the public, be recorded in the minutes of the meeting by the clerk of the municipality or secretary of the committee or local board, as the case may be.  R.S.O. 1990, c. M.50, s. 6 (1).


(2) Every declaration of interest made under section 5, but not the general nature of that interest, shall, where the meeting is not open to the public, be recorded in the minutes of the next meeting that is open to the public.  R.S.O. 1990, c. M.50, s. 6 (2).

Note: On March 1, 2019, the day named by proclamation of the Lieutenant Governor, the Act is amended by adding the following section: (See: 2017, c. 10, Sched. 3, s. 5)


Requirement to establish registry

6.1 (1) Every municipality and local board shall establish and maintain a registry in which shall be kept,

(a) a copy of each statement filed under section 5.1; and

(b) a copy of each declaration recorded under section 6. 2017, c. 10, Sched. 3, s. 5.

Access to registry

(2) The registry shall be available for public inspection in the manner and during the time that the municipality or local board, as the case may be, may determine. 2017, c. 10, Sched. 3, s. 5.

Municipal Conflict of Interest Act

The following chart shows the declarations of pecuniary interest. If you would like to see the original documents, please call the Municipal Clerk at 613 338-2811 ext. 277 to make an appointment, or email

2019 Public Registry

2020 Public Registry