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Candidate FAQs

The Office of the Municipal Clerk/Retuning Officer is here to provide assistance with helping you identify ‘where to look’ if you have campaign questions. Email us at [email protected] or call us at (613) 338-2811 ext. 211 or ext. 277 for assistance with navigating the various Acts and guides provided to you in your nomination package. Matters of interpretation of the Municipal Elections Act to your specific situation should be referred to a lawyer.

Your question might have already been asked by someone else. Here is a list of common Candidate Questions.

Are Municipal Staff and Volunteers permitted to sign the ‘Endorsement of Nominations Form (Form 2) to endorse a candidate?

Employees and Volunteers of the Municipality have the right to participate in political activity subject to the provisions outlined in the Municipality’s Use of Corporate Resources Policy (Bylaw 2022-013) in particular section 12.1, 12.2 and 12.4. Should none of the situations/restrictions outlined be in contravention of the policy, the employee or volunteer would be well within their rights to endorse a Candidate or participate in political activity.

What size are you allowed to have for your election signs?

The maximum height and width can be any combination of the following:

1. Length = 1.5 metre x  Width = 1 metre
Maximum Total of 1.5 m^2
***The total height with legs attached cannot be more than 2.4 metres.


2. Length = 1 metre x  Width = 1.5 metre
Maximum Total of 1.5m^2
***The total height with legs attached cannot be more than 2.4 metres.

Reminder: Candidates are required to pay a sign deposit fee prior to erecting any signs in the Municipality. The sign deposit fee is $75.00 for Council Candidates (Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Council) and $50.00 for School Board Candidates. These fees are refundable subject to certain terms and conditions. See Bylaw 2017-103 for more information

I know that I am required to obtain original signatures on Form 2 – Endorsement of Nominations. Can I send the form electronically to the Returning Officer/Clerk? For example, as a scan or photo?

No. The Returning Officer/Clerk will ONLY accept original signatures on Form 2 – Endorsement of Nominations. Electronic submissions (scan, photo, fax etc.) will NOT be accepted or received by the Returning Officer/Clerk.

Where can I view the up to date unofficial list of candidates?

The up to date unofficial list of candidates is posted on our website at as well as at the Municipal Office (33011 Hwy 62N, Maynooth)

Will candidates receive an updated list of electors (Voters List)?

Yes a copy of list of electors (Voters List) will be made available in September.

When can I put up my election signs?

In accordance with the Municipality’s Sign Bylaw (2017-103) you can start putting up your signs on Nomination Day – August 19, 2022. Nomination papers must be filed with the Clerk/Returning Officer prior to the erection or placement of any election signs.
A deposit is required in accordance with Schedule A of the bylaw and shall be paid before any third party advertiser or candidate or a candidate’s registered agent may erect, locate or display an election sign. Election signs shall be removed within forty eight (48) hours immediately
following 11 :59 p.m. of Election Day.

What is considered a campaign expense?

Candidates should read the Municipal Elections Act Section 88.19 to understand what is or is not a campaign expense, and what might or might not count towards the Maximum Expenditures limits. Candidates may view filed financial statements from previous Municipal Election Campaigns to compare previous candidate practice However, candidates should always refer to the Municipal Elections Act to ensure compliance with the 2022 regulations.

Can I place my Election Signs on the Highway?

Municipal Election signs are permitted to be affixed, erected and displayed within the jurisdiction of the Municipality in accordance with Bylaw 2017-103. It should be noted that the Municipality of Hasting Highlands does not have jurisdiction, nor can we grant approval for signs on, or adjacent to provincial highways, this includes from the intersection of Highway 62 to the Municipal Boundary (abutting the Town of Bancroft) and Highway 127 to the Municipal Boundary (abutting the Township of South Algonquin).
Please contact the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) for information and restrictions on provincial highways  
Please Note: All intersections of Municipal Road(s) abutting Provincial Highway(s) (ie. Hwy 62 and Scott Line Road) are also under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transportation and will require consultation and approval from the Ministry of Transportation.
In consideration of the above, we are asking candidates to review the placement of their signs and consult with the Ministry of Transportation when/if necessary for approval.
As noted in section 6.0 of the Election Sign Bylaw (2017-103) –signs that are displayed contrary to this bylaw ‘…a Bylaw Enforcement Officer may:
a)cause the sign to be removed immediately without notice; or
b) make an order directing the person, candidates or third party advertiser:
      i) to affix erect or otherwise display the sign in accordance with the requirements of this bylaw; or
      ii) to remove the sign within seventy two (72) hours of the date of the Order;..’