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March 26, 2020 – COVID-19 Welcome Home to Cottage Country

March 26, 2020

26 Mar 2020
Welcome Home Hastings Highlands Cottage Country
Maynooth, ON – Welcome Home Hastings Highlands Cottage Country!
We understand that people especially our seasonal residents appreciate the safety they feel by coming early to their cottages in our municipality during this pandemic situation.
For whatever reason you are here – welcome home. Please be aware that the normal vacation season is not yet underway, and many people and businesses are not yet prepared for an early influx of people. Combined with that and because of the COVID- 19 problem our resources are already feeling the strain.
We recommend that you take the same precautions you would in the city. Continue to abide by all the rules such as, physical distancing and proper hand washing.
If you have recently returned from out of the Province or are coming from a larger populated area, then please enjoy the cottage and wisely consider self-isolating for at least 14 days.
If you are self-isolating, please contact a friend to pick up necessities like groceries or pharmacy items so that you don’t have to break your self-isolation. Also understand  that there will be less opportunity to purchase necessities since our supplies and staff are limited and numerous businesses have been shut down. A rapid increase in our population several months ahead of schedule strains our medical resources. If you have existing issues, please have them addressed in an area that is better equipped to handle larger populations.
Once again, welcome home to Hastings Highlands cottage country and take all safety precautions that are necessary until the COVID-19 issue is under control.
– Vic A. Bodnar, Mayor of Hastings Highlands ###