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Step 2 – Building

2023 Planning and Building Newsletter

Having worked through the initial Planning Stages (Step 1), you should now be able to establish what structure(s) you can build on your property and the location(s) in relation to your lot lines.  Now you are ready to move from conceptual stage/plans to construction plans.

Homeowners may design their own home and accessory buildings, however, if you have no experience in construction or working with the Ontario Building Code, we would recommend you consult/commission a design professional.

Please review the Municipality’s Building Permit Guide and Application package below this section.  The package includes a checklist and guidance on how to complete the permit application package. For a building permit application to commence, the Municipality requires a complete package to be submitted, including a site plan, construction drawings, forms from the package completed/signed and building fees paid.

Once the Municipality has received all of the above, the residential permit review process takes ten business days, after which the applicant will receive either a building permit, or a plans examination letter explaining what additional information is required in order for a permit to be issued.

We look forward to working with you.

Martin Cox
Chief Building Official
Tel: 613 338 2811 (extension 255)
Email: [email protected]

How do I get a building permit?

Submit a completed application form, along with the appropriate fees plus the building plans and all other required information as specified in the information sheet, Requirement to be followed when Building.

How long does it take to get a building permit?

The Ontario Building Code requires that a complete building permit application for small projects and houses will be processed within 10 days. You will be advised at the time of application or within 2 days, if the application is incomplete.

2023 Building Permit Application -fillable

Fees and Other Permits for Approval

  • Electrical permits and inspections fall under the jurisdiction of the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). It’s the responsibility of the homeowner or builder to contact the ESA for proper approvals.
  • Septic system permits and approvals are treated as Building Permits under the jurisdiction of the Municipality. Fees are $600 for a new septic.
  • An entrance permit is required to install a new entrance on your property, to change the location of an existing one, or to install a second entrance. Entrance approvals are handled by the Roads & Public Works Department.
  • New civic addresses (9-1-1 numbers) for vacant lots are acquired through the Roads Department. Contact Cathy Bujas, Planning Clerk at ext. 222
  • New Online Payment Options are available for building and planning fees and permits. Please contact the municipal office for more information on how to get setup for online payments. 613-338-2811 or [email protected]

Projects that Require a Building Permit

Under the Ontario Building Code Act, a building permit is required to construct, demolish, renovate, alter, install or change the use of a building. The following is a list of typical projects or situations that require the issuance of a building permit prior to construction:

  • New buildings or structures greater than 10 square metres (108 ft²) in total floor area, measured by the outside dimensions, or any size if they include services. This includes sheds, sleeping cabins or other accessory buildings or structures, including sheds and shed packages purchased from a store.
  • Additions to existing buildings or structures.
  • Renovations that involve structural framing.
  • New or replacement decks.
  • Wood burning appliances, including new or replacement of existing components.
  • Replacement of windows or doors if the rough opening size is enlarged.
  • Relocation or addition of plumbing fixtures.
  • Replacement of interior water supply or drain pipes.
  • Docks.  If the dock area is 15 square metres (161 ft²) or more, approval is also required from the Ministry of Natural Resources.
  • Docks greater than 10 square metres including covered docks.
  • Wind turbines that generate more than 3 kW of electricity.
  • Solar panels on new or existing structures that did or would require a permit.
  • Permanent structure greenhouses. Portable green houses & garages with a total area greater than 60 square meters.
  • Quonset huts and pre-engineered metal buildings.
  • Repair or replacement of all types of building foundations.
  • Note that load bearing cement slabs for all houses, or for garages greater than 576 sq ft require engineered design.
  • an outdoor pool

Projects that DO NOT require a Building Permit

It isn’t necessary to obtain building permits to perform the following work. However, you must still comply with the requirements of the Municipality of Hastings Highlands Zoning Bylaw and, if applicable, the Ontario Building Code.

  • Accessory buildings with a total floor area of 10 square metres (108 ft²) or less.  Note: Zoning Bylaw requirements must be followed.
  • Fences** but still must be 30 m from water body
  • Replacement of plumbing fixtures (toilet, sink, bathtub, shower, hot water tank) in their original locations.
  • Replacement of windows or doors provided the rough opening size does not change.
  • Replacement of shingles or other roofing material unless you strip to the sheathing.  If you’re replacing or adding new roof trusses or rafters, a building permit is required.
  • Installation of photovoltaic (PV) panels on a pole.  However, an electrical permit may be required – check with an electrician or the Electrical Safety Authority.
  • Docks less than 10 square metres.
  • Wind turbines that generate 3 kW or less of electricity.
  • Tarped vehicle, boat shelters that are less than total of 60 meters square for all tents on the property.

If the above lists do not include specifics related to your project, or if you’re not sure whether a permit will be required, please contact the Building Department

A New Initiative for the 2021 Construction Season
Every Summer, there are many reports and enquiries to the Building Department from boaters regarding the occurrence of construction visible from the waterfront. A new initiative for the 2021 construction season will be to provide waterfront permit holders with an additional copy of their building permit. The additional permit will be pink and laminated and is to be visibly posted at the waterfront. Therefore, any new additional construction on a waterfront property without a laminated pink permit, can be reported to the Building Department at 613-338-2811 ext. 255 and the Building department will investigate.