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Waste Management & Recycling Information

Waste Management

Waste from households, including bulk waste, construction and demolition material, yard waste and recycling must be properly sorted into the following categories:

  • Fibres (Cardboard Boxes, Newspapers, Papers, Books etc.) *Required to be broken down and flattened.
  • Containers (Jars, Cans, Bottles, Containers etc.)*Please rinse all containers.
  • Metals and Large Appliances ( Fridge, Stove, Freezer etc.)*White goods tagged ‘CFC Free’ if applicable.
  • Tires (On or Off Rims) *Maximum of ten (10) tires per visit. NO COMMERCIAL TIRES
  • Bulk Items (Chairs, Mattresses, Dressers etc.)
    *Tipping Fees Apply: 2022 Waste Tipping Fees (Schedule ‘F’ to User Fee Bylaw 2022-001)
  • Yard Waste/Brushing *Stumps must be under 10 cm (4 inches)
  • Construction and Demolition Materials (Plaster/Drywall/Carpet etc.)
    *Tipping Fees Apply: 2022 Waste Tipping Fees (Schedule ‘F’ to User Fee Bylaw 2022-001)
  • Electronic Waste
  • Household Batteries
  • Waste (Residential and Commerical) Includes items that cannot be recycled and are not otherwise categorized (required to be sorted).

Clear Bag Policy

All garbage must be placed in clear bags subject to the Municipality’s Clear Bag Waste Disposal Policy. All bags must be clear for the contents to be visible to waste site attendants. Dark coloured, brown, black or green bags are not permitted. One solid colour plastic bag (such as a white kitchen bag, plastic grocery bag, etc.) will be permitted in each clear bag for personal items.
Fibres and Containers: Please dump recyclables LOOSE into the bins. Do no drop plastic bags of recycling into the recycle bins.

Before you head out to one of our Waste Sites Don’t forget…

• Visit our website ( for Waste Site Hours, Locations as well as the materials you can dispose of at each site
• Make sure you have your ‘Waste Site Disposal Card’ – you’ll be asked to show it when you arrive
• All Construction and Demolition By-Products MUST be taken to East Lake Waste Site (59 Cardwell Lake Rd.) Please prearrange your visit with the Municipal Office (613-338-2811)
• All Household Garbage MUST be in Clear Plastic Bags (Clear Bag Bylaw 2018-074)
• Personal Vehicle Tires ONLY “No Commercial or Industrial Tires” Maximum 10 Personal Vehicle Tires per visit
• White goods – washers, dryers, stoves and tagged refrigerators or freezers (Provided they have been tagged by a qualified Technician that they are CFC free)
• Brush – stumps must be under 10 cm. (4 inches)

Tipping Fees

The Municipality of Hastings Highlands charges tipping fees to dispose of bulk waste items (furniture, mattresses, styrofoam etc.) as well as demolition, renovation and construction by-products.
2022 Waste Tipping Fees (Schedule ‘F’ to User Fee Bylaw 2022-001

Household Battery Recycling

A container is available at all waste sites and in the lobby of the Municipal Office in Maynooth for Household Battery Recycling. Residents and visitors are strongly encouraged to drop off their used household batteries.

Textile Recycling

There are textile recycling bins located at the REAR of the Municipal Office located at 33011 Highway 62 in Maynooth, ON. Listed below are items that are accepted in the bins. *Please DO NOT leave any items outside or beside the bins*

Accessories and bags
Clothing (all types)
General household textiles (towels, blankets, sheets, pillows, stuffed toys)
Shoes and boots
Sleeping bags

Backyard Composting

Backyard composting is a simple way to reduce the amount of waste that you place at the curb each week. Composting is a process that turns kitchen and yard waste into a dark, nutrient-rich soil called humus. The soil that is produced can be used to promote weed and erosion control, protects plant roots from sun/wind damage, conserves water, increases water retention in sandy soils, aids drainage in clay, and reduces soil diseases. By returning nutrients back to the soil, compost reduces the need for expensive chemical fertilizers.

Looking to Purchase a Backyard Composter or Digestor?

Backyard composters and digestors can be purchased from the Muncipality.
Composter + Kitchen Pail = $58.00 + HST
Digestor = $108.85 + HST